During Reposition 2015, several Mosaic members spoke about the theological and practical aspects of fasting, and others shared their personal experiences.

  • Why am I hungry? | Dave Everson [listen]
  • Fast: Purpose, Posture & Preparation | Mark Jackson, Lance Teitsworth, Kim Krog [listen]
  • Personal experiences with fasting | Keith Woodbridge, Kim Krog, Lance Teitsworth [listen]
  • Why are we hungry? | Dave Everson [listen]
  • February 1: The Break-fast: Themes that emerged during Reposition 2015 | Various speakers [listen]
Helpful Reading

* There are many, many books on prayer and fasting, both modern and ancient. These two are suggested because they offer very concise, practical information and theology. They are a both good places to begin learning. In his chapter on fasting, Foster provides citations to several additional sources, as well as a bibliography of modern writing on spiritual disciplines in general.